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Like the music industry before it, the film and television industry is now encountering problems of plummeting sales. Because storage space is getting cheaper, the technical equipment for the production of films is available to more and more people, and downloading and streaming is becoming more and more important, competition in this industry will continue to get tougher. In addition to the traditional forms of film distribution (cinema, TV, DVD), new forms of distribution such as 3D, Blu-ray, downloads, streaming, cross-media, etc. will become more important in the next few years.

Similarly, alternative forms of film financing, such as crowd-funding, sponsorship, direct-to-fan marketing, etc. will continue to play an increasingly important role. This website will provide you with an initial overview of the practical possibilities as well as the legal considerations. I would of course be happy to advise you on this personally.

For upcoming productions, I am able to advise you on the variety of contracts that can be agreed with performers and crew members as well as other contracts necessary to license the film work. I can also represent you in litigation cases.